There are now a number of items back in stock after a delay in receiving the parts needed. There have been alot of emails sent in asking when the SDRUno Command will be available again. I  am happy to say that these are now ready to go and are listed in the relevent section of the website.

Currently there are no VFO Tuner/TX V3 and the VFO Tuner V3 available. I am working hard to get these back in stock, but could take some time.


Another new controller is now available for HDSDR. This time it's the HDSDR Ultra V1! This one comprises of two units. The base unit, and the Tuner. This controller wont take up any extra USB ports on your computer as the Tuner connects to the base unit. Alot more functionality is given with this controller, including direct frequency entry! You can find it in the HDSDR section of the website.


A new VFO tuner has now been listed on the website, this time for WEBsdr! Based on the design for the Universal VFO Tuner V2, this new tuner has a normal/quick tune function and fast tune up and down buttons. Being "plug and play" means that you can be up and running in seconds, and is very easy to use.

With WEBsdr becomming more and more popular, this tuner really is a must have. You can find the tuner in the WEBsdr section of the website.


There have been alot of emails sent in recently asking about the possibility of a controller designed to work with SDRDX. I am please to say that there is now a great new controller available for this software. A new section has been added to the website for the SDRDX software, and this is where you will find the new controller. There are only a few available to begin with, but more will be on the way soon.


We have another new item available. The brand new Universal VFO Tuner V3! This one has a little extra something, the addition of a RX/TX switch! Not only that, there is also a Normal/Quick tune setting as well. Compatible with virtually all SDR software.

There are a few tuners available that boast an RX/TX switch by clicking down the VFO knob. That's fine, but being this way made it very easy to go off frecuency each time the knob was pressed. So to that end, the TX/RX switch has been moved away from the VFO to eliminate this problem. There has also been an LED indicator added. The TX/RX function will work with any SDR software where the spacebar shortcut is used. This seems to be the default for nearly all SDR software, and many softwares allow you to set your own shortcuts.

So with the above freeing up some space as it were, clicking the VFO knob now adjusts the tune speed. A short/long press will switch between normal/quick tuning. A very handy feature to have.

There are a very limited number of these available. The Universal VFO Tuners are very popular, the V3 is sure to sell fast!


There is now a limited number of a great new controller for HDSDR available. Check it out in the HDSDR section of the website.

Something new is on the way for those who use SDR#, and also something for PowerSDR users.


Something new has arrived on the website. WEBsdr Command is here and ready to go! This controller is a fantastic upgrade for anyone who likes to use WEBsdr.

There are lots more items on the way, and will soon be listed on the website. The next item will be something for those who use HDSDR.

If there is a certain software that you would like to see a controller for, please feel free to email in and let me know.


I am very pleased and excited to announce that our latest product is now available and listed here on SDRGadgets.

WEBsdr Controller

WEBsdr now has a great new controller and is sure to give a whole new feel to using it. It offers great functionality and yet remains very easy to use. There are a limited number of these controllers available, and may sell out quickly. Work will continue to get more listed on the website. Head over to the WEBsdr section of the site for details.

A huge thank you to GM4CID for your input and support in bringing WEBsdr Controller to life.

There are also more Universal VFO Tuners in stock. These continue to be very popular, with feedback remaining very good.

Lots more products in the pipeline so check here often.


Things have been busy behind the scenes, with alot of excitement around a new batch of products.

There will be a new addition to the website at the beginning of August. A fantastic new controller is on the way for WEBsdr! There will be a small initial batch made available, with an update here in the news section when they are ready. This really is a great controller, and is sure to give using WEBsdr a whole new experience and feel. Keep a close eye out for the release as these are sure to go fast.

HDSDR Command has been given a slight revamp, with the addition of a 50Hz/500Hz switch added to the VFO control knob. This should come in very handy for many users.

You may have noticed a slight change to the website. Things became a little jumbled as more products have been added. To make things easier, I have rearranged the cataegories into software groups. This I hope will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

There are lots of ideas and new products in the pipeline, so remember to check here often.


Alot has been happening here over the last week. The SDRuno Control Centers have proved very popular and have sold out. More of these on the way as soon as parts arrive.

Work begins on a new VFO Tuner/Controller. This one will be based on the looks of the VFO Tuner V2, but with a complete revamp of the way that it works, and with some rather nice upgraded parts. As a result, the VFO Tuner V2 is now set at a lower price.

HDSDR Command, SDR# Command,SDRuno Command and their 'lite' versions will also be undergoing some upgrades. This will result in two versions of each being available. More to come on this nearer the time.

I am also very pleased to announce that SDRGadgets is now working in collaboration with GM4CID on a number of products. I am very excited about this, and look forward to what the future may hold.


What a fantastic response there has been to the new SDRuno Control Center. These have very nearly sold out already! There are still some left, but not many. More will be on the way as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who have emailed in with feedback. The response from all items listed on the website has been amazing.


The SDRuno Command Center is finally here! I am please to say that these are now listed on the website and are ready to go. There has been alot of people emailing in asking for these, so they may not be available for long.


SDr/Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2 are now back in stock! I am still working hard to get more of these available, but I have managed to get some ready to go and listed on the website.


A new controller has been added to the website. For all of those who like to use SDRuno, this one's for you! You can find it in the "Control Centers" section.

I am still working hard to get the SDr/Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2 ready to go. I am very sorry for the delay. These are very close to being ready. An update will be posted here when they are available again.


SDr/Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2 is currently out of stock. These are extremely popular and sell fast! I am sorry that they are currently unavailable but please know that I am working flat out to get these made up and listed on the website. I hope to have more ready to go by the weekend.

There are also a few other items that have sold out. I am working hard to get these available again. They will return to the website very soon.

I have taken the decision not to make out of stock items available on back order. I am working hard to get stock levels back up to a reasonable amount. If you would like to know when an out of stock item will be available, please send in a message.

Once stock levels are back to a more normal level, I will be working on something that will work with SDRuno. I have had a number of messages asking about something that will work with this software. An update will be posted here once I have something ready.


There is now a Control Center available for those who like to use SDR#. Only a small number to begin with. This is based on the HDSDR Command V2 Control center, but works with SDR#.

More SDR# Command Lite Controllers will also soon be available.


HDSDR Command V2 is now back in stock! There are only a small number available for now while I wait for some more parts to come in. Those who ordered these on backorder will have their's posted out to them later today.


Great news! The final parts for the VFO Controller V2 have arrived. Over the next few days I will be busy getting these put together and listed on the website. All backorders placed for these controllers will be given priority and will be sent out in the post ASAP.

Next parts to hopefully arrive soon will be he final parts needed for the HDSDR Command V2. With any luck they will be here soon.


The HDSDR Command V2 is now out of stock. These sold out very fast indeed! The feedback from these has been absolutely amazing. Parts now on order for the next batch which I am hoping will arrive by the end of the month. They are available to place on back order.

I am hopping that the final parts for the VFO Controller V2 will arrive any day now. With the situation that we all face at the momet, it seems that postage has been seriously affected. Thank you all for your patience, and rest assured that orders placed on back order will be sent out as soon as the final parts arrive.


The version 2 VFO Controller is again out of stock. These really have become very popular. More to come as soon as parts arrive. I am hoping to have the next batch ready to go by 25th May 2020 if all the parts arrive on time.

Backorder is available for these controllers. Those who place an order will receive priority when the next batch is ready and will be kept up to date with any progress.

In the meantime, why not check out some of the other items that I have available. There have been some great new controllers added to the website in the last few days, and more to come!


Two new controllers have now been listed on the website. These are controllers to use with SDR# and HDSDR. New look and feel, with great functionality. Take a look in the "Control Centers" section to find them and discover what they have to offer. These are great little controllers that are sure not to disappoint!

If you would like to see a controller for a particular software that you use and is not listed here on the website, please feel free to send in a message and let me know.


I have managed to get a few V2 VFO Controllers ready and are now available. Those who have placed a back order will have their items posted out today.

There are only a limited number of V2 VFO Controllers. These are a very popular item so be sure to place your order sooner rather than later. There will be more available, but with the current circumstances we all face, I am finding it difficult to get the required parts here fast enough.

While I am waiting for parts to arrive, I am working on a new controller idea. This will be based on the HDSDR Control center, but a "lite" version. There will be two initial versions of this, one for HDSDR and one for SDR#. If these prove popular, then I will look into making them to work with other SDR software. If you would like to see something made for a specific piece of software, then please feel to send in an email and let me know.

Dispatch times remain the same thankfully. I am able to dispatch your orders on the same day if ordered before 1400hrs GMT Mon - Fri.


There are now a very small number of the original VFO controllers available. These are likely to sell out fast. I am working hard to get stock levels back to a higher level.

Still waiting on the final parts for the V2 VFO controller. These are due to arrive very soon.

The new HDSDR Control Center has proved to be very popular and I am please to say that those who have purchased one have reported back with amazing feedback. There will be more of these to come as soon as I can. There are still some available, but will sell out soon.

A new "Lite" version of the HDSDR Control Center will be available soon...


I am pleased to say that the new HDSDR Commander is now available to purchase here on SDRGadgets. This is a fantastic controller for those who use HDSDR, and offers amazing functionality. There are only a very small number available and are sure to sell fast! Don't worry, there are more on the way.

Still waiting for parts to arrive to complete the VFO controllers, both the original and version 2. I am hoping that the final parts will arrive with me soon. Thank you to those who have back ordered these VFO controllers. You will have priority once they are ready to go.


SDR / Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2 and the original version are now currently out of stock. These are available to purchase on back order. I am expecting the final parts to arrive to complete the next batch by 9th May 2020 but they are very likely to arrive before this date. Those who purchase the VFO Controller on back order will be given priority when the final parts arrive, and will be kept up to date with progress.

Easter weekend will cause some delay in dispatching orders. There will be no dispatch on Friday 10th April, Sunday 12th April or Mon 13th April. Please keep this in mind when placing an order.


Stock levels on most items are now starting to get very low, and may sell out very soon. Delays in shipping mean that I may be unable to keep items stocked, but they are on the way and will be ready to go soon. Should an item listed on SDRGadgets become out of stock, it will available to purchase on backorder. Those who choose to backorder an item will have priority when the items become available again, and will be kept up to date with progress.

While stock is still available, I am still able to dispatch items same day if ordered before 1400hrs GMT Mon - Fri.

In the meantime, there will be a new item listed here on SDRGadgets in the next few days that is sure to excite those who use HDSDR. A new controller with huge functionality will soon be available.


Witht the recent restrictions that have been put into place during this difficult and uncertain time I wanted to let you all know that I am still (for now) able to dispatch all orders out to you. Same day dispatch will still continue (orders placed before 1400hrs GMT Mon - Fri) for as long as I am able. Should this change, an update will be posted here.


Well what a fantastic response there has been to the new Mode Controller for the SDR# software. These have almost sold out already, with less than 5 now available. More will be added to the website as soon as I can. If you would like one, better to act fast while there is still some left.


A small amount of the new mode controller for use with SDR# are now available on the website. This is a great tool for anyone using the SDR# software, and when conbined with the VFO controller, makes for a really nice and useful setup. There will be more to come, hopefully over the weekend. If you would like one, it is probably best to place your order sooner rather than later as these are sure to sell fast.


Some great news for all of those using SDR#. Something new is comming for all of you who use this very useful and reliable software. Not giving too much away at this time, but I am hoping to have something listed on the website ready for the weekend. A post will also be made here in the News section with a little more detail on this great new controller. If all goes well, this could expand into other SDR software. For now, a very limited number will be available, but more will become available fairly soon.

Also comming soon will be a fantastc control centre for all of those who use HDSDR. This one will not disappoint! It may take a while to reach the website, but I am making every effort to get this listed here as soon as I can. At the moment, it is looking like mid April. There will be a limited number available to begin with, but numbers will increase fairly rapidly.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, delivery times may be disrupted. Please be sure to allow for this. I will make every effort to dispatch all items on the same day as purchase if orders are placed before 1400hrs GMT for as long as I can. If there are any changes to dispatch times, I will of course let you all know here in the News section of the website.


I am pleased to announce that the next batch of the VFO Controller V2 is now ready and live on the website. These are sure to go fast, just as the first batch did. Now in the process of getting another batch ready.


So with the first batch of the new VFO controllers sold out (within 24 hours), there will be a new batch available for you soon. I am working hard to get these completed as soon as possible. An update will be made here when they are available. Should you want to secure one before they are ready, please feel free to send in a message and let me know. If enough interest/messages received, I may make them available to pre order.


The first batch of new USB VFO controllers have now been added to the website. Fresh new design with a different control knob designed to make using the controller easier and more comfortable. Same great functionality and great new look. Just like the first version, this is completely plug and play and works with virtualy all SDR software. There are only a very limited amount available in this first batch but more on the way.


I am very excited to say that I am now working on a new design for the VFO controller. It will bring the same great functionality and a different look. Keep an eye out for an announcement about when it will be available. Only a small number will be made at first, so you will need to be quick. The original version will remain available.


A concept for a new product has now been drawn up and in the final planning stages. Very excited about this one. Not going to give anything away at this point, but it will be a very useful item to have. Completely seperate to the VFO controllers, but just as useful. Keep a look out for an update on this product. There will only be a small amount made to start with.