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The re-desaign of the products listed on the website has now begun and is going very well. I will be starting by rolling out the new version of the Universal VFO Tuner, and then onto the "Plus" version. Production has begun and I hope to have the first batch made and ready to go by next week.

There will also be an optional extra that comes with the new design. You will now be able to have your callsign engraved onto the face of the product. This would look great in any radio setup, and would also make a great gift for someone. There will be an option to choose this at the top of the product listing.


There are now a number of the Universal VFO Tuner V4 back in stock and listed here on the website. There is a limited number available for now, with more on the way soon.

Next up is a re design of the current products that I have listed on the website. I am finding that sourcing enclosures and parts is getting more and more expensive. To help combat this, I hope to make more of the parts myself, or at least the enclosures.

So what does this mean?

A whole new and fresh design for all the products listed on the website. My plan is to roll all products into a common design. This will also give me the oppertunity to align all products so that each design has the same model name. This won't happen overnight as I have to order in some new parts, design new enclosures and print them, and also create the designs for laser engraving the faces for the new enclosures.

The end result should be a much better design, cost reduction and remove the waiting time for deliveries of the previously used enclosures. This will also help ensure that products are always in stock.


We will soon be resuming normal service! My apologies to you all for being absent from here for the past few months. A new arrival to the family has taken all of my free time and has kept me away from the website and making products. I am very pleased to say that I am now able to dedicate some time to getting things back on track. I am very excited to be back at my desk working to get items back in stock and ready to post out.

I have had a number of emails asking when the Universal Tuner V4 will be back in stock. I am currently working on the next batch of these and hope to have them ready by the start of next week. Please keep a look out here for for more info on this.

I am also designing a new controller that will be closely based on the VFO Tuner Plus. I am hoping to launch these once I have the the V4 tuners back in stock. This new design will also eventually roll out to the other controllers, so they all have a fresh design.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in messages, once again I am very sorry for the extreme delay in getting back into the swing of things.


I have now managed to get the Contact Us page of the website to work again. This will make things alot quicker and easier for you to get in touch with me via the website.

Next week will see more Universal Tuner V4's added to the website, along with SDRUno Command and SDR# Command units.


Due to changes to the websites server host, I have had to make several upgrades to the website. The update has gone well so far, but has left me with an issue to fix. Currently, the Contact Us page has decided it doesn't want to work. I am currently trying to resolve this, but in the meantime should you wish to get in touch please email into the below address:

More products are on the way. The next batch of Universal VFO Tuner V4 are almost ready.

Plans for a new controller have been put on hold for a while so that I can consentrate on getting the website fully stocked with current items.

Postage seems to have settled down now, and I am able to send orders to those outside of the UK with no problems. Royal Mail are stating that there may be some minor delays with international postage, so please bear this in mind when placing an order.


There are now a small number of Universal Tuner V4 ready to go and listed on the website. More will be added over the comming days.

Royal Mail continue to make life difficult to send orders to those outside of the UK. I am still unable to send international parcels from my local Post Office. I am now, however, able to arrange postage for these items online. Hopefully this will help get things moving again.


Royal mail are still in the process if reinstating some international postage services. For now I am still unable to send out orders to those outside of the UK. I am keeping a close eye on the situation and am in close contact with my local post office. As soon as I am able, international orders will be posted. I am sorry for this prolonged delay and the inconvenience that this is causing.

Work continues to get items back in stock. The Universal Tuner V4 is proving to be extremely popular and work has begun to make these available again. I will post an update here once they are ready.


This is an update for all orders being sent to locations outside of the UK.

Due to what is described as a Cyber incident against Royal Mail, all international export services have been suspended until an investigation has been carried out. This means that I am currently unable to send orders to locations outside of the UK. Details of when normal services will be resumed are very lacking at the moment, but I will keep a close eye on the Royal Mail website, and post updates here.

The below link is for the Royal Mail service update page:

Royal Mail Service Update

I am still currently accepting international orders, but please keep in mind that I wont be able to post them until Royal Mail starts to accept international parcels again. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience.


Well we are now in 2023, and I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe new year. 2022 was a little slow going here at SDRGadgets, but I am hoping that this year will be alot better. Plenty of work to do, and this year will see the release of some great new items.

Things are starting to return to normal and stock levels continue to rise. There are plenty of great controllers currently available, with new designs on the way. I am aware that there are a limited number of software listed on the website, I am hoping to create controllers to work with a larger amount of software. One piece of software/web app that seems to be greatly overlooked is WEBsdr. This is a fantastic way of tuning into various bands and modes! There are currently a number of controllers available here at SDRGadgets that work extremely well with WEBsdr. You can find the WEBsdr controllers here .

I am also able to offer custom controllers ahould this be something that you would like. Please send in a message should you like one made. This isn't limited to Radio/SDR.