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HDSDR Ultra V1
  • HDSDR Ultra V1
  • HDSDR Ultra V1
  • HDSDR Ultra V1

HDSDR Ultra V1


HDSDR Ultra V1. A great control center for using with HDSDR.

In collaboration with GM4CID


Returning soon...

Take control of HDSDR with this fantastic controller. Designed to work with HDSDR v2.80 found here but also works with previous HDSDR versions.

  • Control the VFO
  • Switch between modes:
  • AM
  • FM
  • LSB
  • USB
  • CW
  • ECSS (also cycles through ECSS, EC-L, EC-U when using HDSDR v2.8.0)
  • HDSDR start/stop
  • LF Control
  • HF Control
  • RF Zoom in/out
  • AF Zoom in/out
  • Volume control
  • Fast tune up and down
  • Switch between LO A and B
  • Toggle Mute on/off
  • Manual frequency enter
  • Rubber feet for added stability
  • Power indicator light (glow from beneath VFO knob)
  • Plug and play
  • Connection by USB cable (supplied)

VFO tuner connects to the base unit via supplied cable, so only one USB cable (supplied) is connected to your computer.

Plug and play. There are no drivers required for this control center. Just plug it into your computer with the supplied USB cable and you are up and running.

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