Universal VFO Tuner V2


SDR/Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2. Compatible with virtually all SDR software.

In collaboration with GM4CID


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New SDR / Ham Radio USB VFO tuner V2.

Tune the VFO on virtually any SDR / Ham Radio software with this fantastic USB VFO tuner. Now with a new style of Tuning knob!
  • New design

  • Smooth free flowing VFO tuning knob, with finger dimples

  • Power indicator light (glow from beneath tuning knob)

  • Plug and play. Just connect to your computer and you're up and running. (USB cable supplied)
  • Set a large step size within your chosen SDR software for scanning through frequencies quickly.
  • Set a small step size within your chosen SDR software for easy fine tuning.
  • Perfect for both scanners and Ham Radio Operators alike.
  • Easy to use control knob on the face of the unit.

  • Rubber feet for added stability.

This SDR VFO Controller is a must have for anyone using SDR. Easily, quickly and accurately tune to a frequency. All your tuning done from one place!

Please note that the tuning knob may sometimes be slightly different than pictured, but will remain within keeping of the look and feel of the unit.

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