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Universal VFO Tuner V2

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SDR / Ham Radio USB VFO Tuner V2. Compatible with virtually all SDR Software


New SDR / Ham Radio USB VFO tuner V2.

Tune the VFO on virtually any SDR / Ham Radio software with this fantastic USB VFO tuner.
  • New design

  • Plug and play. Just connect to your computer and you're up and running. (USB cable supplied)
  • Set a large step size for scanning through frequencies quickly.
  • Set a small step size for easy fine tuning with this great VFO tuner.
  • Perfect for both scanners and Ham Radio Operators alike.
  • Easy to use control knob on the face of the unit.

  • Power indicator light

  • Rubber feet

This SDR VFO Controller is a must have for anyone using SDR. Easily, quickly and accurately tune to a frequency. All your tuning done from one place!

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